Our school is proud of the many fine achievements of its Old Scholars, and maintains a database which is used to stay in regular contact with them – weekly news is sent out by email and Old Scholars are invited to update their contact details and share their news and achievements by emailing: deputy@hmbschool.co.za

Remember your ‘glory days’… the ‘good old days?’ – our children are living their ‘glory days’ now!
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The Board of Hermannsburg School has long recognised the vital importance of outside funding to the School. In fact, Hermannsburg would never have had such a long standing influence on education without the support of its benefactors. We are most grateful for the financial assistance provided, by old scholars, sponsors and other benefactors.

With regard to the future, the Board is deeply conscious of the need to improve three aspects:
1. Bursary Funding for scholars with financial needs
2. Vehicle Funding so we can regenerate our transport fleet
3. Building Funding for maintenance and upgrades of our facilities.

There are two main avenues to which funding can be channeled:

The Hermannsburg Foundation exists to provide bursary funding to scholars who will add value to our school community but are in need of financial assistance to attend the school. The Foundation then allocates funding to the school on an annual basis.

The Hermannsburg School Board of Trustees oversees funds donated for the purpose of vehicles and buildings. This money is allocated to separate call accounts for interest generation and is not kept in the main school account.

Both the Foundation and School are carefully administered and managed by a Board of Trustees.  Both Trusts continue to gratefully accept any contributions from supporters of Hermannsburg. The Trusts are registered Public Benefit Organisations and are permitted to issue 18(a) tax certificates which render donations tax deductible.

The Banking details for these are below. Please provide the appropriate reference. Bursaries/Yourname; Vehicles/Yourname; Buildings/Yourname.

The Hermannsburg Foundation:
Bank: FNB
Branch Code: 220131
Account Number: 523 419 483 32

First National Bank Account for South African & International Deposits:
Account Name: 
Deutsche Schule Hermannsburg Trust
Name der Bank:
 FNB (First National Bank)
Account Number: 52340017013
Branch Code: 250655
Swift Code: FIRNZAJJ
Bank Address: First National Bank, Redlands Office Park, Old Howick Road,
Pietermaritzburg, 3201, South Africa

German Bank Account
Bank: Deutsche Bank
Kontonummer: 187155700
Filialnummer: 410
Bankleitzahl: 37070024
Kontoinhaber: Deutsche Schule Hermannsburg
IBAN: DE64 3707 0024 0187 1557 00


From time to time Hermannsburg receives bequests from Old Scholars or supporters of the School. These bequests are gratefully received. It should be noted that bequests carry certain tax advantages.
A bequest reduces the amount of the donor’s taxable estate on which estate duty is calculated (currently set at the rate of 20%).
A donation inter vivos can result in a saving of both income tax and estate duty.

Any queries regarding providing of donations and funding to the school should be directed to the Chairman of the Board of Trustees.


Prof. Roland Schulze – Has recently received an award as South Africa’s most respected hydrologist – for his work in the field of water research. He is recognized worldwide and travels regularly to Sweden, Norway, Australia, Germany and many other places. He has already published several books and regularly writes reports for scientific papers.

Jens Reissig – Already as a 27-year-old published his first book about unknown and known reptiles of South Africa, with special reference to “Girdled Lizards”. He is a snakebite specialist and is involved in researching reptiles throughout South Africa.

Wolfram Kistner – He was known and recognized in church as well as political circles as an anti-apartheid activist of the 1970s and 1980s.

Peter Gastrow – In the political field, he has become very well known since 1994: After completing his Law Studies in the 80s, he became a Member of Parliament for the Democratic Party of South Africa and later Vice-Chairman of the Progressive Party. From 1992 to 1994, he served as a board member of the South African Police and was an adviser to the Minister of Protection and Security from 1994 to 1997. He is currently director of the Institute for Security Studies and director and honorary member of the International Peace Institute.

Dr Heinz Kaiser – Plant expert and researcher, especially in the field of breeding and pathology. He bred the famous Heinz tomato plant.

Dr. Kurt-Dietrich von Wolf – Eye specialist and founder of the Laser Eye Clinic in Groß-Pankow, north of Berlin, Germany.

Dr Johann Rohwer – Professor and Head of Department of Biochemistry at Stellenbosch University.

Zola Mkumla – He has a masters degree in Business Management and is the founder and director of the Dikeledi Education Trust, which helps children from underdeveloped schools gain university access. He is a former executive member of one of South Africa’s largest banks, First National Bank, and was chair of the South African SETA for banking in South Africa. He is currently managing director of Simacel Holdings, a company that specializes in renewable energy, especially solar energy.

Markus Lilje – Globally recognized bird expert who has traveled to many parts of the world to search for particularly endangered birds, from Antarctica to India and the rain-forests of Africa.

Dr. Wolfgang Heinz – Senior engineer at an American engineering company based in Frankfurt, Germany. He is an expert in water control in mining and on the international board of T-Systems.

Professor Walter Oltmann – Head of Fine Arts at WITS University in Johannesburg.

Byron Bure – Founder and director of the Performing Arts School in Cape Town, South Africa.

Committee Members:

Chairperson: René Risch – 083 259 1660     soultours@mweb.co.za        Deputy Chair: Stella Cockburn – 082 578 1356     stellacockburn@gmail.com
Conrad Kassier – 071 391 1626           Dicky Appelt – 082 373 3203          Andrea Appelt – 082 936 4353

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