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The last week has been an eventful one for our Grade 12 scholars. On Tuesday, 13 October, we honoured their achievements at our first ‘live’ awards ceremony. While our Grade 12s and their teachers attended the ceremony in our school Chapel (seated with appropriate physical distancing), their parents and other scholars and teachers followed the ceremony on Zoom. Despite a disrupted year, our scholars have much to be proud of, not least their resilience in making it this far, where they are ready to tackle the IEB NSC examinations (starting for them on Wednesday last week).

Half-Colours were awarded to Kirsten Rabe (sport), Monique Jonker (academics, swimming), Tegan Waller (academics, swimming), Naseeha Mahomed (academics), Nqobile Sithole (academics), Jemma Hayward (academics, hockey), Sven Meyer (academics), Paul Tönsing (sport, swimming), and Jarmin Claassen (academics, sport, swimming).

Full Colours were awarded to Sven Meyer (sport), Philip Lütge (academics), Zenande Magubane (academics), and Jemma Hayward (sport).

Honours went to Paul Tönsing (academics), Monique Jonker (choir), Nqobile Sithole (choir), Zenande Magubane (choir).

Jemma Hayward was awarded the Landmann Family Trophy (Math Lit), the Mel Taylor Trophy (History), and the Ernst Schütze Trophy (service above self). Nqobile Sithole was awarded the Byron Bure Trophy (speech & drama) and the Bruce Piper Award (from the Speech & Drama Society of South Africa). Paul Tönsing was awarded the Ultimate Creatures CC Trophy (Life Sciences), Lombardozzi Trophy (Life Orientation), Alexandra Miruna Ignat Memorial Trophy (Mathematics), Du Preez Book Prize (AP English), Ulrich Prigge Pokal (German SAL), Edith Clark Memorial Trophy (English), Jansen van Vuuren Trophy (Afrikaans FAL), W&K Schröder Trophy (languages), HMB School Trust Award (environmental) and the Tudor Ignat Memorial Trophy (Physical Sciences). Philip Lütge was awarded the Neil Reid Trophy for Accounting. Sven Meyer was awarded the Ian Younge Trophy (cricket). Tegan Waller was awarded the Morgentau Trophy (Visual Arts), the Einsatz Pokal der 1995 Matrik Klasse (service & good fellowship – peer award) and the A.R.T. Maharaj Memorial Trophy (Geography). Zenande Magubane received the First Additional Language Award for isiZulu.

Many merit certificates and certificates of achievement were also awarded. Sportswoman of the Year went to Jemma Hayward, while Sven Meyer received the Sportsman of the Year award. Paul Tönsing received the Dux Shield as the dux of the school for 2020. Our two sport houses competed in a surprising number of activities throughout the year, and the competition was fierce at times, but in the end the points were absolutely level and so, for the first time ever, Reedbuck and Bushbuck share the House Trophy for 2020.

We congratulate all our prize winners and thank all the parents and teachers who worked with them over the years to bring them to this point. We also thank all our generous prize and trophy donors for their continued support.

Hermannsburg’s Dux of 2020, Paul Tönsing, with his trophies and awards after the Grade 12 awards ceremony.


Looking back over the past 7 months, we just had to try to bridge the gap between ‘normal’ and ‘2020′, while remaining responsible and safe. So our teachers decided on some different, yet competitive activities for the inter-house competition between Bushbuck (BB) and Reedbuck (RB) this year.


21 September 2020

Hermannsburg’s Little Oaks Kindergarten took on an outreach programme to help the children from our neighbouring community crèche, Enhlanhleni. There are approximately thirty children who attend the crèche, which provides meals for them during the week from Monday to Friday. Although the crèche receives some funding from the Department of Education, it relies heavily on donations and sponsorships to continue providing a meal a day to the little ones, who all come from impoverished families.

Our Little Oaks teachers try to teach their scholars to help others from a very early age. Our teachers want to instil good values in our scholars, as we want them to grow up to be caring, compassionate adults. Every scholar could bring canned items like fish, beans and jam, as well as packets of soup powder or soya mince to school. Unfortunately, due to Covid-19 restrictions, our scholars were not able to take the items to the crèche themselves. Mrs Pavini Chetty, our outreach co-ordinator, and Mrs Thembani Mzila handed over the food parcels last week and received wide, happy smiles from the children at the crèche.

Hermannsburg’s Little Oaks teachers, Mrs Thembani Mzila and Mrs Pavini Chetty, took our scholars’ food contributions to the Enhlanhleni crèche, were they were received by Amile, Junior, Ayandiswa, Nqobeko, Oluhle, Azomakahle and Melokuhle and Mrs Hadebe of the crèche.

Hermannsburg’s ‘Little Oaks’ teachers, Ntokozo Zondi, Pavini Chetty, Ilse Ortmann, Uta Malzahn (Head of Kindergarten) and Thembani Mzila attended a two-day conference on Early Childhood Development last weekend, to expand their knowledge and skills in preparing children for Primary School.

14 September 2020

The ‘Little Oaks’ Kindergarten teachers attended the online Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) Early Childhood Development (ECD) conference last weekend. ACSI has kindly made some of its conferences and resources available to non-members during this trying year. We are grateful for the opportunity this has given us to interact with other teachers and learn more about ECD, building fellowship and friendship (albeit on-line and remote). Our teachers gathered fun, ‘hands on’ ideas relating to teaching important skills in a stress-free environment, and considered the skills to focus on when helping our Grade R children to be ‘school-ready’. It was a very interesting two days! We learned a lot from the amazing, talented and experienced speakers, and again thank ACSI for this opportunity.

14 September 2020
Arbor Day in Hermannsburg

TOP: Hermannsburg’s Primary School intern, Nathalie Hulett, helped Kukhanya Mkhize fill in some soil while Ojama Tenza and Esihle Mkhize looked on with their teachers and classmates. Ms Hulett, who is very active in the school’s eco-initiatives, organised the trees that were planted on the day and we are grateful to Blackwood Nursery for their generosity.

BOTTOM: Hermannsburg’s head prefects, Paul Tönsing and Jemma Hayward, led the High School’s Class of 2020 in planting ‘their’ tree on arbor day, early in the morning before heading off to write the trial examination of the day. We trust that, in years to come, the tree will provide them with shade whenever they visit our school as Old Scholars.

RIGHT: Hermannsburg’s Primary School scholars, Heiko Ortmann, Zibusiso Kumalo, Noluthando Mathonsi, Luyanda Mkhwanazi and Shaakirah Ebrahim (with Lisu Mabuyakhulu looking on) lined up to play their part in planting one of the dozen trees that were planted to celebrate Arbor Day in Hermannsburg.

How lucky we are, to have a Museum right on our doorstep! With our new theme – ‘South Africa, our country’ – it was time to visit the Hermannsburg Museum again. Our ‘little oaks’ are learning the various traditions of our country, and in the Zulu Room of the Mission House Museum Khazimla Tenza, Khwezi Ntuli, Oluhle Sibiya, Isiphile Gasa, Amy Khetshube, Daniella Gevers, Mrs. Uta Malzahn, Curator Mrs. Petra Middleton were able to learn a lot about this interesting and versatile cultural group.

27 July 2020

27 July 2020

In our modern world, so much of what we do either already is, or seems to be moving online. To help our school’s support staff towards a better understanding, our computer literacy teachers and their helpers ran a course over two days for the support staff during our school’s recent mid-term break. Our thanks go to Ms ‘Koekoe’ Olivier, Mr Thapelo Twala, Mr Wandile Mbatha and Timothy Hönes (one of our Grade 12 scholars) for organising the course, and to our caterers, Eatfresh, for supplying the refreshments.

Our Grade 12 scholars are preparing for their trial examinations, which start in two weeks’ time, and spent last Saturday completing a Life Sciences practical and attending a Geography presentation with the assistance of Ms Cheryl Ruthven (who is doing a short guest-teaching stint at our school) and Ms Ankia Jonker, who gave an interesting and valuable GIS presentation. Thank you to both ladies for their willing assistance. We wish all our Grade 12s well for the upcoming trials (pun intended), and trust that they will overcome all challenges to achieve worthy results.

Learning about birds is exciting, especially when we have a school surrounded by nature. We can see them flying, singing and feeding in our schoolyard. Birds are beautiful, amazing creatures that come in many colours and sizes. Our ‘little ornithologists’ recently discovered the similarities and differences between them, and learned about their body parts. The Grade R scholars even built their own bird-nests and found out how difficult it really is, and what fantastic builders’ birds are (and they only have their beaks for the task). By going on long walks we quickly grew to love bird-watching and learned to identify birds from their markings and looking up their names in a bird book. It was yet another interesting way to learn more about the wonderful world in which we live.

Hermannsburg’s Kelvin Bonsu, Bethany Harbottle and Josiah Harbottle took a closer look at a crowned crane during the week of getting to know birds around the school and in its surroundings.

Hermannsburg’s Little Oaks, Bethany Harbottle, Josiah Harbottle, Stefan Gevers and Daniella Gevers with their teachers, Ms Ilse Ortmann and Mrs Uta Malzahn, dressed up as ‘someone else’ for a day to help raise funds towards the Siyabambisana Outreach Project.

27 July 2020

While field trips, extramural activities, and activities facilitated by external parties are prohibited during the pandemic, our teachers at Hermannsburg are making sure that there are other opportunities to have fun at school. Last week, scholars and teachers had the opportunity to come to school dressed up as somebody else – and what a great response we had! From ballerinas, super men and pirates to time machines, pop stars and gentlemen. Everyone had so much fun imagining themselves in other roles; we all know that scholars learn best when they are having fun, especially when they laugh. In our difficult times, laughter might just be the best medicine, helping us to feel better and putting that spring back in our steps. The money raised joined that raised by the Primary School and High School, where scholars also came dressed up, and these funds will go towards the Siyabambisana Outreach Project.

20 July 2020

Our ‘Little Oaks’ normally take a field trip to a farm near us, to learn all about farm animals and their products. However, because of the pandemic, we had to use other resources to talk with our children about the origins of food. So we created a ‘farm animal learning centre’ in our classroom, with many different opportunities to learn the different names of farm animals and the sounds they make! Building up different farmyards out of Duplo or wooden blocks teaches the Little Oaks the structure of a farmyard and the function of the different buildings and items in it. They will start to understand where our food comes from, and that it is not made in the grocery stores – farmers work hard at their job to provide our food. Watching little video clips about farm life is not the same as seeing and touching the animals, so we hope that we can have our ‘proper’ field trip next year.

Hermannsburg’s ‘Little Oaks’ Bayanda Ndlovu, Bongisipho Ngubane, Zanengcebo Ngobese and Stefan Gevers joined Mrs P Chetty in an exploration of the ‘farm animal learning centre’ they created.

Hermannsburg’s scholars and teachers had loads of fun planting vegetable seeds and spekboom plants for 67 minutes on Mandela Day.

Hermannsburg’s Siyabambisana Outreach Project distributed 67 x 2 (or 134) food parcels on Mandela Day in the Umhlazana community.

17 July 2020
Mandela Day in Hermannsburg

Hermannsburg observed Mandela Day by involving scholars in 67 minutes of planting vegetable seeds in trays, and spekboom (portulacaria afra) plants in tins. The indigenous spekboom is a water-wise carbon sponge that is even edible – planting it at Hermannsburg is part of the school’s environmental awareness drive, promoted by Sven Meyer, the prefect heading the environmental portfolio. The growing vegetables will be closely watched by our Primary School scholars who planted them, and will be donated where they can be most useful once they are ready to harvest. This was a fun activity, and all the scholars and teachers involved thoroughly enjoyed the time spent working together.

The Siyabambisana Outreach Project distributed 67 x 2 food parcels on Mandela Day, each containing 2kg maize-meal, samp, beans, soup powder, soya-mice and sugar. Members of the Hermannsburg community sponsored many of the packs at R50 per pack. We are grateful for all the support and that we were able to distribute all 134 packs to people in need. The project continues and you can contact Pastor René Risch on for more information if you would like to help support this community effort.

13 July 2020

After a much shorter July holiday than usual – only a week – we have welcomed back our scholars and started the third term with renewed vigour. As we continue to meet the challenges associated with the pandemic, our teachers will be providing distance teaching to those scholars who are currently unable to return to the classroom.

Our Kindergarten, ended last term on a positive note (pun intended). Everybody knows that music has magic quality – it can change your mood in an instant and make one feel good and relaxed; it also can be a great release of tension. We can become absorbed in music, and moving our bodies, singing or shouting along to great songs makes us feel good. That is why our school makes a great effort to give all our scholars lots of opportunities to listen, to sing along and to learn all they can about this wonderful subject. Even the ‘Little Oaks’ have a very special weekly music lesson with Mrs Du Toit: “The goal of music lessons is not just music-related. We aim to enhance brain activity that results in successful reading comprehension and mathematical problem -solving in their academic future. To achieve this, we focus on the enjoyment of making music, conceptualising theoretical ideas, developing general appreciation, perseverance and confidence.” So: bring some music into your life because: ‘Music makes you feel good’!

Hermannsburg’s Music teacher, Mrs Lizbe du Toit, with some of our Grade R scholars during their weekly, fun music lesson.

Hermannsburg’s Khazimla Tenza and Daniella Gevers are very happy to be back at school in the Little Oaks Kindergarten with their Grade R friends, and no longer isolated and lonely at home.


22 June 2020

the Grade R’s have been back in the classroom for two weeks now, but in many ways it is not ‘school as usual’. We are all still a bit nervous, and we have to ensure that we stick to hygiene rules. As we enter the school campus, our temperature is checked and we wear masks all the time while we are on the campus. Our desks are spaced apart and we have a lot of washing and sanitising hands during the day. We have to keep a good distance from each other BUT we are so happy to be back: we can see our friends and teachers, talk to each other, play next to each other and learn with each other. We enjoy video calls with our friends who can’t physically be with us at school yet, and share our self-made puppet shows with them on YouTube. During the last two weeks we learned a lot about the Corona virus and why and how we have to wash our hands for 20 seconds. Much about the virus and hygiene measures is new to us and also to our parents and teachers, but we hope a vaccine is found quickly so we can play and learn with each other and not next to each other again soon.

06 July 2020

So much has changed for our scholars since April, not all for the better. Wearing a mask or shield all day, not being allowed to touch their best friends, having to play next to each other instead of with each other, are all very hard for our little ones to understand. But we are so proud of them, and how they are handling these changes. Listening to their worries and needs, and talking about it all, helps tremendously. Finding new ways to conduct outside activities is another form of learning to live in these challenging times. Hermannsburg is so privileged with its luscious and beautiful surroundings, and the Grade R scholars take full advantage of it. Walks to the school dam, watching the bird-life and observing animals in their natural habitats are only some of the activities we do outdoors. Being in nature not only strengthens our immune system and helps us to sleep better, it helps us to feel better too. And feeling good and forgetting, at least for a while, about our difficult times is what we want for our scholars in Hermannsburg.

Hermannsburg’s ‘Little Oaks’ enjoy the relaxing natural surroundings around our school, taking walks to the dam, for example, as part of the all-round learning experience. Some of our Grade R’s – Khazimla Tenza, Khwezi Ntuli, Esesthu Ntsele, Isiphile Gasa and Daniella Gevers – recently took a walk around the dam.

Hermannsburg’s Grade 12s are fascinated by and enjoying the opportunity to play chess in the quadrangle, following the delivery of a brand new set of outdoor chess pieces, bringing to fruition a project launched by Mrs Olivier, our Afrikaans teacher. Thanks go to our Board of Directors for their support of this initiative.

08 June 2020

We’re back, and very grateful to be back, in the physical classroom! Our teachers and scholars, in the Grades that have been allowed to return to classroom-based learning and teaching, are overjoyed to be able to engage face-to-face once more and to continue the academic work for the year at a more ‘normal’ pace. Although our teachers and scholars from Kindergarten to Grade 12 have been engaged in daily distance learning since 14 April (with a one-week break at the end of May), using a range of platforms to communicate effectively, we have missed the daily contact of the classroom. As our scholars return, we are consolidating the learning that has taken place over the past seven weeks and can work towards completing all the work that is needed to bring this year to a successful educational conclusion for all.

Thanks go to Pastors Risch, Focke and Lütge, as well as Ms Lisa Smallbones and Mr Craig Carolan for spending time with our scholars last week, as part of Hermannsburg’s re-integration programme for returning scholars and teachers. The pandemic and lock-down have caused distress for all of us in one way or another, and it is important to address this openly and to provide support and coping strategies before we can continue the important task of tackling the schoolwork that remains for this year. Good mental health is a priority for all of us, as it forms the basis for moving forward – as the remaining Grades return to school, they too will be supported through the re-integration programme. That our school is adequately prepared for the resumption of classroom-based teaching, in terms of measures to safeguard health, has been confirmed by the Department of Education, after an on-site inspection last week.

We are also grateful that the boarding establishment renovations, which started before the lock-down began, could be continued and that the results are now benefiting our boarders, especially the boys. Work on the third boarding establishment can now commence. Our school has also taken delivery of another new vehicle towards completing the new vehicle fleet, further ensuring that we have the capacity to transport all our scholars safely and reliably. We welcome to our staff Mrs Elke Malan, who has taken up her duties as executive assistant to the Principal, and Mr Werner Hillermann of GMH Construction, the school’s new project manager. Mr Scelo Mpungose, who will be remembered for his friendly and helpful greetings at the school entrance, has started in his new role as health liaison, helping with health monitoring and associated processes. We look forward to welcoming back the remainder of our scholars.


11 MAY 2020

During lock-down the Hermannsburg community – school, village and congregation – realised that there is a desperate need in the nearby Umhlazana community. Many of the residents had lost their means of income and were battling to provide meals for themselves and their families. The community jumped into action, initially providing meals twice a week for 100 families. Farmers, villagers and friends of the school provided a variety of perishables, such as cabbages and maize, carrots and onions, potatoes and herbs, with which soups could be cooked and distributed to the community. This was supplemented with bread and tinned food, and even fresh oranges from the local gardens. 


Word soon spread, and to date about 125 persons collect food every Saturday – which is enough to provide a meal for 4-6 people. As the need grew, more resources were needed to provide for the community. Local residents made use of their contacts in Germany and soon more than 3000 Euro were donated. Various fund-raising activities were also organised locally, from the ‘Coronacut’ challenge to Marathon challenges and an upcoming ‘Spinathon’. It did not take long to decide that this should not be just a short-term Covid-19 project, but should grow into a sustainable project to continue supporting a community which is in need of help and up-skilling. This pandemic has taught us that only when we work together, will we create communities of hope and peace in this wonderful country of ours. Thus it was decided to name the project and to call it Siyabambisana – We work Together. We are grateful to all those from near and far who have give of their time and resources to make this such a successful project under the leadership of Hermannsburg’s Pastor, René Risch. 


The Hermannsburg community has banded together to support the Umhlazana community during lock-down and beyond, launching the Siyabambisana (we work together) outreach project to assist families in need. 

Hermannsburg’s Josia & Trevor Harbottle, Sonja & Mike Terry, Leon Koen, René & Matteo Risch, James Torlage, Paul Tensing, Sven Meyer and Stella Klingenberg all cut their hair in support of the Coronacut Challenge and were rewarded with sponsored beanies to keep their shorn heads warm in the cold weather.

01 MAY 2020

A Priest, a Principal, and a cricket coach walk into a bar(ber) … No, this isn’t a joke, but it was a bit of fun, and all for an extremely worthy cause. A number of our school’s staff – including the Pastor, the Principal, and the cricket coach, and several scholars – shaved their heads as part of the #CoronaCut Challenge during the countrywide Covid-19 lock-down. The Principal, Mr Trevor Harbottle, and the cricket coach, Mr James Torlage, underwent their haircuts live on Instagram and Face book, managing to raise close to R10 000 for the start of the Siyabambisana Outreach Project.

With the many pressures on households, particularly those that are less fortunate, increasing dramatically during the lock-down, it was the perfect opportunity for the school to launch its new outreach programme. ‘Siyabambisana’ means to hold one another, or to join hands. For Hermannsburg, this meant supporting the local community in their time of need. Since the April, members of the school family, scholars, staff, Hermannsburg residents and other community members have contributed to feeding hundreds of families each week. Food is prepared in the Hermannsburg church hall on Fridays and distributed on Saturday mornings, meaning that many families have at least one hearty meal a week taken care of for them.

Although this project was started during the lock-down, it is intended not just as a Covid-19 initiative, but rather as the start of a sustained relationship between our school and its neighbours, living out ‘Siyabambisana’ for many years to come.

Hermannsburg’s Nathalie Hulett received the re-award of the Eco-Schools’ Green Flag on behalf of the school at a recent WESSA awards ceremony. The school has held its Green Flag status since 2015.

16 MARCH 2020

As an international Eco-School, Hermannsburg was first awarded the coveted Green Flag status in 2015. Five years on, at the WESSA Eco-Schools awards ceremony on 14 March, the school’s representative, Nathalie Hulett, received Hermannsburg’s reaffirmation of Green Flag status for its continuing work in raising environmental awareness and adopting ‘green’ practices (as mandated by the school’s Mission and Vision). Ms Hulett was privileged to meet WESSA’s ‘living legend’, Jim Taylor, who spoke about the worldwide developments around the Eco-Schools programme. There were a number of speakers who provided inspiration for further initiatives towards maintaining the Eco-School ethos and status. Thanks go to our teachers, scholars and WESSA for the support our school enjoys.

9 MARCH 2020

From far inland, from our doorstep and from the coast, parents, teachers and scholars converged on Hermannsburg last weekend, as Hermannsburg hosted the 2020 ‘Mini-Olympiade’. Our Grade 11 scholars planned, organised, and ran this full sporting weekend for our Primary School and the two visiting schools, under the watchful eye of their Life Orientation teacher, Mr James Torlage. Deutsche Schule Durban and Michaelis Private School (Vryheid) each brought along their sports teams to participate in mini-cricket matches, a full swimming gala and mini-soccer matches, with junior and senior girls & boys participating.

The weekend started off with the mini-cricket matches and the swimming gala on Friday, followed by an evening of fun games arranged by the Grade 11s and a social braai for the visiting parents and staff. On Saturday morning it was time to don soccer boots, and for some fierce competition on the football fields.

While this annual event is about far more than competition between the teams, scores are kept and Deutsche Schule Durban won the swimming gala and the overall winner’s trophy, pipping Hermannsburg at the post in the soccer portion of the tournament.

A tremendous weekend was had by all, many new friendships were forged, lessons were learnt, and everyone had a great deal of fun! Thank you to all the teachers, the scholars and the parents – especially those who provided tasty treats and meals throughout the Mini-Olympiade.

Hermannsburg’s Ntuthuko Gumede in full flight down the field during Saturday’s Mini-Olympiade against Deutsche Schule Durban and Michaelis Schule, hosted at Hermannsburg (photo: C Risch).

Hermannsburg’s Grade 11s organised and ran the Mini-Olympiade, where many of our Primary School scholars shone in mini-cricket, swimming and mini-soccer (photo: S Terry).

Hermannsburg’s principal, Mr Trevor Harbottle, received the keys to 3 brand new 23-seater VW Crafters from Mr Marco de Wet, dealer principal of Mascor VW Vryheid. Mrs Brigitte du Preez, representing the school’s Board of Directors, also attended the handing-over ceremony, which ushers in safer and more comfortable travelling for our scholars.

2 MARCH 2020

The anticipation has been building all year, with everyone from parents to teachers, and especially the scholars, looking forward to the day ‘they’ would arrive.

And today they arrived!

Three brand new 23-seater Volkswagen Crafters made their way down to the village oak tree in Hermannsburg this morning, to the cheers of the scholars and teachers. Our thanks go to Mr Marco de Wet and his staff at Mascor Vryheid, who delivered the vehicles to our school. They will deliver another 16-seater Volkswagen Crafter and a 7-seater Volkswagen Caddy in the next month or so, to complete the replacement of the school’s current, ageing vehicle fleet. Thank you also to the school’s Board of Directors, who prioritised the replacement of the vehicle fleet.

The new vehicles will ensure that our day scholars travel in safety and comfort every day, and that our sports teams arrive at their destinations relaxed and ready to compete.

24 MARCH 2020

Congratulations to Hermannsburg’s athletes, who participated in the Epworth Dustbuster on Friday last week. Jemma Hayward, Sven Meyer, Luka Poser and Kirsten Rabe completed the 5km and 10km events, accompanied by Mr Mike Terry.


Hermannsburg’s Luka Poser, Uphile Mchunu and Jonathan Königkrämer displayed grit and determination, running against experienced athletes in Durban at the KZN League 5 meeting.

17 FEBRUARY 2020

Our High School swimmers participated in the Howick Relay Gala last week, and acquitted themselves well. This week, they will be competing in the Quadrangular Gala in Wartburg, while the Primary School swimming team competes in the Umvoti Gala in New Hanover. We look forward to the results from both the galas.

Three of our athletes, Luka Poser, Uphile Mchunu and Jonathan Königkrämer, travelled to Durban to participate in the KZN League 5 last Saturday. Despite the heat, humidity and wind, they ran with determination against some very experienced athletes. Their coach, Mr Wandile Mbatha, commented: “What made me proud is that they maintained their pace both laps and even fought harder on the home straight.”

In the meantime, training and practices are gathering pace for the Sport Olympiad in Johannesburg, which will see a number of our High School scholars taking to the field  in athletics, swimming, soccer, hand-ball, volleyball and basketball, against six German schools from southern and northern Africa. Excitement is building for this biennial event!

Hermannsburg’s swimmers participated with determination in the Howick Relay Gala last week.

Congratulations to Hermannsburg’s inter-house swimming gala achievers Matthew du Preez, Matteo Risch, Neo Blackburn, Jona Risch, Jarmin Claassen, Amelia van de Merwe, Kayla Shearing, Keryn du Preez, Carolina Hoffmann and Tegan Waller.


We congratulate our newly-elected house captains on their election – for Bushbuck: Yolanda Khuzwayo and Uphile Mchunu (with vice-captains Nkosinathi Chonco and Lara Knoetze); for Reedbuck: Asanda Nzimande and Londeka Ndlela (with vice-captains Ayabonga Dlamini and Kei Blackburn). They took up their duties with their first inter-house event, the Inter-House Swimming Gala, held last Friday.

Despite the inclement weather, the spirit and the vibe last Friday was electrifying as the swimmers from our two sport houses, Bushbuck and Reedbuck, took to the water. Many parents were there to support their children, and our thanks go to those parents who provided warm drinks and tasty food for everyone. In the end, Bushbuck overcame Reedbuck’s dominance in the pool for the past four years, to win both the gala and the spirit cup. Kei Blackburn broke the Girls’ U19 50m Breaststroke record, which had stood for five years. Kayla Shearing & Neo Blackburn were senior Victrix and Victor Ludorum, while Keryn du Preez, Matthew du Preez & Matteo Risch were the junior Victrix and Victors (the boys on equal points and medals). Other awards went to Jarmin Claassen & Tegan Waller (Open Champions), Kayla Shearing & Neo Blackburn (U16 Champions), Matthew du Preez & Carolina Hoffmann (U14 Champions), Amelia van de Merwe & Matteo Risch (U12 Champions), and Keryn du Preez and Jona Risch (U12 Champions). Special mention goes to Phakade Mqadi and Awande Sibiya, who stood out in the U15 age group. Congratulations go to all our swimmers for swimming their best and gaining personal victories.


For the first time in a number of years, a group of intrepid Hermannsburg swimmers participated in the Midmar Mile over the weekend. Despite the inclement weather, they all swam the mile successfully, thanks to the support and encouragement from their swimming teacher, Ms Robynn Bezuidenhout. We congratulate Sven Meyer, Jarmin Claassen, Kei Blackburn, Jemma Hayward, Luka Poser, Paul Tönsing, Philip Lütge for taking on the mile – we look forward to their further swimming exploits this year.


We congratulate our Music scholars on their achievements in the 2019 ABRSM (‘Royals Schools’) Music examinations, the results of which were recently received. Angelika Meyer was awarded her Grade 7 (vocal) and Stephanie Meyer her Grade 6 (vocal) certification, both with distinction; Paul Tönsing achieved his Grade 6 Theory certification with merit; Mischa Chetty received her Grade 1 certificate (piano, with merit), as well as Grade 2 Theory (with distinction); Carolina Hoffmann and Junior Nyirenda both achieved their Grade 2 Theory and Sinethemba Sibiya her Grade 1 Theory certificates, all three of them passing with distinction.

Hermannsburg congratulates Paul Tönsing, Mischa Chetty, Sinethemba Sibiya, Carolina Hoffmann and Junior Nyirenda on their various levels of achievement (with distinction) in the international ‘Royal Schools’ music examinations.

Hermannsburg’s Kirsten and Benjamin Rabe, competing as team ‘Eat my dust’, were congratulated by Head Boy Paul Tönsing and Head Girl Jemma Hayward for achieving first place in the 10km run / 20km cycle event at the inaugural aQuellé Hermannsburg Dustbuster last Sunday.


The aQuellé Hermannsburg ‘Dustbuster’ lived up to its name on a hot and sunny Sunday, when experienced and beginner athletes conquered the exciting and revamped cycle and run around the school dam and through the Boskom Mondi Forest. It was a perfect day out for the whole family, since the event also catered for the 2- to 12-year-olds. The brand new ‘Dustmite’ course sported a recently completed obstacle course, and two gladiator-style inflatable obstacles as well as the biggest favourite – the water slide. The most delicious meals and snacks were prepared by our very dedicated parents and teachers throughout the event, with something for everyone’s taste. A big thank you goes to the staff and school family who worked hard and tirelessly behind the scenes to make the day such a success; a jumbo thank you goes to all the athletes, their supporters and especially to all our very generous sponsors and prize donors.

Hermannsburg’s Grade R’s, Abelo Nene, Daniella Gevers, Khazimla Tenza, Ziyanda Zondi, Owami Madondo, Khwezi Ntuli, Zenande Thwala, Esethu Ntsele, Isiphile Gasa met with our Principal, Mr Harbottle, in his office.

27 JANUARY 2020

We are back in school! It’s a new year with new groups, new toys and new adventures – after six long weeks of holiday, the first two school weeks in Hermannsburg’s Little Oaks Kindergarten have flown by. It is amazing to see how 40 excited children, regardless of their ages and the languages they speak, have been learning and playing happily together. We have spoken about our school and about rules in the Kindergarten, and had our first swimming lessons. The children are motivated, eager to learn and there is a great sense of community in the groups. They are learning about our school community helpers and how each person contributes to keep the school community safe and happy. The Grade R class visited our principal, Mr Harbottle, in his office and heard about all the important work that he does for our school. We are looking forward to an exciting and fulfilling school year!

27 JANUARY 2020

Our school took delivery of the first vehicle in our new fleet last week – the Toyota Hilux bakkie will allow our Estate Manager to work more efficiently and we thank Mascor for the assistance in obtaining the vehicle so quickly. We eagerly await delivery of the new school buses and car, which will replace and add to our existing vehicles, ensuring that we can transport our scholars as safely and reliably as possible.

Our High School scholars engaged in some dam cleaning last Friday, as well as continuing the construction of the obstacle course for the coming weekend’s ‘Dustmites’ competition. Although the dam will not be used for the Dustbuster, clearing out the invasive weed in the dam is part of doing our bit for the environment and the scholars had lots of fun while they were removing the weed.

We are looking forward to welcoming many athletes for the inaugural aQuellé HMB Dustbuster and Dustmites here in Hermannsburg, which kicks off the aQuellé Dustbuster Series for 2020. Many of our readers will have enjoyed participating in the aQuellé HMB Mudman and Mudskipper – ‘Dustbuster’ is the successor to Mudman, with a wide range of running and cycling events to suit every age and fitness level. Join us here in Hermannsburg on Sunday, 2 February from 07:00 onwards! Registration is through ROAG, or on the day.

Hermannsburg’s Estate Manager, Mr Siggi Prigge, took delivery of the school’s new Toyota Hilux from Mascor, the first ‘instalment’ of a new vehicle fleet for the school which will include all-new buses in the very near future

Hermannsburg’s High School scholars did their bit for the environment last Friday, having lots of fun while clearing weed from the school’s dam.

20 JANUARY 2020

The first week of school for the year passed swiftly and our Grade 8 scholars successfully completed their orientation week, which began at school and ended at Glenrock Edu-Ventures this past weekend. During the weekend, our scholars were able to overcome personal challenges by persevering at tasks and activities. With the support of their peers, instructor Lea and the class teachers, they met challenges and completed tasks which they thought were not possible and some of which made them apprehensive. By doing so, they were able to enjoy activities like zip-lining, kayaking and the tree climb. By the end of the weekend, the class had bonded well, and our scholars now know each other better and are ready to embark on their Grade 8 year full of enthusiasm and good spirit.

Our Grade 9 scholars enjoyed their class camp at L’Abri, and their class teacher, Mr Christodoulou writes: “it was wonderful to witness the scholars handling difficult situations, learning to control their frustration when they couldn’t complete a task successfully together. They then had to attempt the same task but with different communication techniques that the facilitators taught them. The wall-climbing exercise was a huge challenge and certain scholars overcame substantial fear to attempt the climb. As teachers, we were very proud of their attitude and perseverance.”

The prefects, together with our Principal, Deputy Principal and Prefect Counsellor engaged in very constructive discussions around the themes and plans for this year, and the prefects’ roles in the portfolios they head up: sport, day-scholar, boarder, cultural and environment. We look forward to steady progress in each of these areas in our school as we ‘Live Well; Learn Well’. Thanks go to the Harburg Retreat Centre for providing the facility for the weekend, and to the prefects for the good food that was enjoyed.

Hermannsburg’s prefects strategised for 2020 during their weekend camp at the Harburg Retreat Centre.  Mr Trevor Harbottle, Nqobile Sithole, Jemma Hayward, Paul Tönsing, Naseeha Mahomed, Zenande Magubane, Sven Meyer, Mrs Mary Chitsa, Mufhiwa Magoro and Lothar Witthöft.

Hermannsburg’s Grade 8s, Alvin Gumede, Oaratwa Lephalo, Musa Mavuso, Sinakhokonke Mkhize, Lethabo Ngcobo, Thubelihle Njoko, Esinalo Nomjana, Thabiso Nzimande and Ata-anea Tshikalange with Mrs Stella Klingenberg and Mr James Torlage at Glenrock on their class bonding camp.

Hermannsburg’s Grade 9 scholars spent the weekend at L’Abri, challenging themselves with various activities and learning that they can do much if they have the courage to try.