Naturkunde und Wandern
– Nature Club

The nature club members go on regular field trips and the senior members participate most successfully in the annual inter-school Enviroquiz competition. Each year several weekend field trips are planned.

Pottery Club

The pottery club meets weekly during the school term and all scholars, from Kindergarten through to High School, are welcome. The many pieces, ranging from basic name plates to complex crockery and ornamental designs, are glazed and fired on the premises in Hermannsburg’s own kilns.

Christian Youth Group

Since Hermannsburg started as a mission station in 1854, there has been a strong, well-supported commitment to keep our youth involved in the faith. Daily devotions and regular services in the school chapel are integral to life at Hermannsburg, and the Youth Group meets weekly.

Theatrical Performances

The school attends theatrical performances as often as possible. Whenever appropriate, shows are offered to the school. The school encourages the performing arts by incorporating drama in cross–curricular activities, and by offering opportunities for the scholars to participate in public performances of musical and theatrical natures.

Art Club

The Art club is a space in which scholars can choose what they want to paint/bead/paper mache/sculpt/stencil/ draw outside with oil or soft pastel. It’s TIME OUT in a busy world in which each scholar can be involved in the process of making and being creative simply for the purpose of personal contentment and having FUN. It is not lesson driven but it follows the scholar’s interest. Being creative is healthy for each one of us and a very important aspect of LIVING WELL that needs to be stimulated