HMB Golf Day

Hosted at the St Cathryn’s Golf Estate, the HMB Golf Day promises great company, super prizes and good food.


If you enjoyed the aQuellé Mudman Series, you will definitely love the new and exciting aQuellé Dustbuster Series, which starts with the aQuellé Hermannsburg Dustbuster.


What is Schulfest? Held annually in autumn, Schulfest is an opportunity for the school family (scholars, parents, teachers, Old Scholars, the local congregation and members of the local community) to get together for a day of sport, good food and excellent company. Gemütlichkeit – amiable, comfortable cameraderie – is the order of the day, due in no small measure to the quiet country surroundings at Hermannsburg.

HMB Funduro

Join us for the fourth edition of our annual HMB Funduro! Once again we have found some awesome terrain, which is also four-wheeler friendly, so it’s sure to be a great day of riding – definitely including some technical riding!