What’s it all about…

The main aim of the Kindergarten team is to ensure that the children feel happy, safe and secure while they are learning the skills they will need for grade 1 and beyond. Christian values are at the core of all our interactions. Everyone is welcome, with all their strengths and weaknesses – we exercise tolerance and acceptance in our daily dealings with people. We do not see the children entrusted to us as ‘ incomplete’, but rather see each child as a personality on the path of a beautiful, individual metamorphosis. The children develop a positive feeling of self-worth within a community of big and little people.

   Educational Methods: Our Kindergarten follows the South African Revised National Curriculum Statement as well as the ISASA ECD guidelines, incorporating significant elements of the Montessori Education System to enrich the children’s experience of the learning environment.

   Who and What is Montessori? Maria Montessori was born in 1870 and was Italy’s first female medical doctor. She developed an educational model which focused on the child’s natural God-given talents and an individual approach to the development of each person. This approach is child-centred. The child is given the freedom of choice, within a certain framework (preplanned environment), to choose the activities with which he or she would like to engage. The teacher recognises the correct moment at which either to intervene, by way of assistance, or to withdraw, to give the child more freedom. In this way the child is given the opportunity to develop initiative and independence.

“Help me to do it on my own!”

   Dynamics: All people, big and small, are welcome at our Kindergarten, which caters for ages 18 months to six years old.

   Medium of Instruction:

We teach in English and introduce the children to German as well. The younger a child is when learning a new language, the easier it is to do so. The tone and special nuances come naturally to a young child. Children are so uninhibited in their dealings with new cultures, languages and people that they easily accept and tolerate them.

To ensure age-appropriate teaching and learning, our ‘Little Oaks’ are divided into four age groups, each with its own, dedicated teacher (and assistant teacher where possible):

Blue Group | Children aged 18 months to 3 years
Green Group | Children aged 3 to 4 years
Orange Group | Children aged 4 to 5 years
Red Group | Children aged 5 to 6 years

After-Care | Our after-care facility caters for children
aged 2 to 13 years