We believe every child deserves every opportunity to achieve. We also recognise that everyone learns and grows in different ways and at different times. We are fortunate to have two contracted professionals available to support and advise our scholars; with the
focus being on early-intervention in the pre-school and foundation phase. They work during our school day, from our premises, but are individually contracted and remunerated directly between the parents and the therapist.

Nadia Gathmann

Nadia Gathmann, our on-site Speech Therapist, will run her practice at Hermannsburg in a private, part-time capacity.
Speech Therapy can help with various communication difficulties, including but not limited to the following: unclear or delayed articulation, difficulties with phonological awareness, delayed language skills, difficulties processing auditory information and difficulties with social communication.

“I am thrilled to have been given the opportunity to offer my services to the school. I love working with children, being able to celebrate their big and small achievements. I look forward to being a part of this school community in 2020.”

Jenna Harbottle

Jenna Harbottle has over 12 years of experience teaching in the foundation phase and 8 years’ experience in remedial teaching.

Her passion is helping children discover the joy of reading and developing a hunger for learning. She has an Education degree, and advanced certificate in remedial teaching and learning and has completed the Master’s level: award in literacy and dyslexia.

Jenna will focus on one-on-one learning support for children who battle to read, who have mild to severe dyslexia or any other visual and processing barrier.

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